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Coffee Pod Machines

Coffee pod equipment is easier to use than traditional espresso machines.

Pod systems are much simpler and quicker to use than traditional commercial espresso equipment and many domestic coffee machines. Excellent coffee is now more accessible to a broader range of consumers than ever before.

Click on the video clip below to see how easy it is to use coffee pods. This clip shows an espresso machine specifically designed for pods:

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Italian espresso machines for pods from JL Lennard

Italy is the home of the coffee pod machine. Italian consumers wanted a foolproof way of serving excellent espresso without having professional barista skills.

Given that Italy leads the way in coffee equipment, some manufacturers of the more traditional espresso equipment are now also making pod-specific systems or are adapting their existing machines to take pods. Consequently, espresso pod equipment is very much mainstream in Italy and growing in popularity across the world.

Pod Pack's parent company, JL Lennard Ltd Pty, imports and sells a range of Italian espresso pod equipment into Australia:

Tecnosystems logo

Tecnosystems coffee pod machines

This Italian company specialises in coffee pod systems, rather than traditional espresso machines. They design and build systems for reliability and ease of use. They offer options for small and large volume coffee production at home, in the café or in the office.

More information about Technosystems coffee pod equipment.

Other suppliers of coffee pod machines

Sunbeam logo

Sunbeam espresso machines

Sunbeam, a leading household name in Australia for home appliances, now offer new models of espresso machines for pods, ideal for domestic or office use.

More information about Sunbeam espresso machines for pods.

J.L. Lennard