Pods at Home

If you appreciate good espresso, and want the café experience at home without even leaving your kitchen, coffee pods offer an easy solution.

Why are coffee pod systems becoming more popular?

Pod espresso machines are easier to use

Would you like to make real espresso at home, but don't really know how to use a complicated espresso machine? Pod machines are easier to use than the standard espresso machines.

The Italians, who are famous for their espresso coffee, decided that good quality espresso should be available to everyone. They set about designing a simple method for producing espresso coffee which would enable people to savour the taste and aromas of excellent coffee at home or at work, without having to visit their local cafe.

Coffee pods in Italy are now hugely popular because of their speed, reliability and simplicity. Word has spread and now pods are fast gaining popularity in Australia and New Zealand. Pods are now offered by many mainstream and boutique coffee roasters.

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Pods are cleaner - no more mess

People who have traditional espresso machines often complain about the mess that ground coffee leaves on the benchtop. If you want to avoid spending time cleaning up every time you use your coffee machine, then pods are ideal. All the ground coffee is contained entirely within the pod. Even after extraction the pod remains intact, so the whole process is much cleaner.

Guaranteed excellent espresso every time

You don't have to be a barista to make proper espresso coffee at home because pods don't require any skill to use. There is no guesswork about how to grind beans, how much ground coffee to use or how much to tamp it. You just put the pod in the holder, close the lever and press the button to extract the espresso. It's quicker than the more traditional espresso methods too.

Coffee stays fresh for up to 2 years

The ground coffee in pods stays fresher for longer. A bag of regular ground coffee starts going stale as soon as it is opened and exposed to the air. As coffee pods are packaged in air-tight foil pouches which have had the oxygen removed, you won't have to wonder if your coffee is stale before you use it.

Variety without wastage

As pods keep for up to 2 years in a cool spot, you can afford to buy different varieties of coffee without worrying about having to throw them out if they go stale. So if different members of your family, or even visitors who call round for coffee, prefer decaf or different blends produced by different coffee roasters you can accommodate everyone without any wastage.

Coffee pods are now widely available

Pods have been growing rapidly in popularity over the last few years and more and more roasters now offer their blends in pods. To find a stockist in your area, check out our list of coffee pod retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

J.L. Lennard