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Australia’s most popular espresso machines are now pod compatible

Sunbeam have made it even easier to make consistent, quality coffee at home and in the office, using the same espresso machines but without the mess of spilt coffee grounds.

Sunbeam coffee pod compatible logoSame Sunbeam quality,
more espresso flexibility

Sunbeam is one of Australia's leading home appliance companies so it is no surprise that they manufacture 2 of Australia’s top selling espresso systems:

  • The Sunbeam Artista
  • The Sunbeam Twin Thermo Block Café Series

New Sunbeam pod equipment

You can now use pods with 2 models of Sunbeam espresso machine:

Sunbeam Artista EM5900 coffee pod machine

1. Arista M5900
Espresso Machine

Sunbeam Cafe Series EM6910 coffee pod machine

2. Twin Thermo Block
Café Series EM6910

  1. Arista 5900
  2. Café Series Twin Thermo Block EM6910

The only difference between these new pod models and the standard espresso equipment range is how you place the coffee in the group handle.

In the new pod-friendly versions, simply place the pre-dosed pod into the group handle instead of measuring and handling loose ground coffee.

Stockists in your area

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