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Italian specialists in coffee pod equipment

Tecnosystems strongly believes in the concept of producing espresso using pods, and has been manufacturing espresso machines for pods in Italy since 1991.

Tecnosystems designed pod systems which are compact, simple to use and reliable, allowing any operator to produce a quality espresso regardless of their level of training.

For low volume coffee shops,
small restaurants and organisations

Tecnosystems Blitz 510 coffee pod machine

Tecnosystem's Blitz Coffee & Cappuccino 510 pod machine


This machine has automatic milk frothers for cappuccinos and lattes as well as 2 separate boilers:

  • one for the espresso and
  • a second for constant and steady steam delivery to ensure excellent, creamy cappuccinos.


For high volume coffee shops, large restaurants and organisations.

Technosystems Blitz Gemini 520 coffee pod machine

Tecnosystem's Blitz Gemini 520 pod machine for high volume espresso


These espresso machines are designed specifically for pods and are extremely versatile commercial machines. They can be set up for any combination of 7g or 14g pods to produce large volumes fast.

These systems have the following features:

  • Either 7g or 14g capability
  • 2 Automatic milk frothers for even faster cappuccinos and lattes.
  • High capacity, professional stainless steel boiler ensures constant steam delivery for frothing cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Traditional filter holders for espressos.
  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.


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J.L. Lennard