Using Coffee Pods

Coffee pods take the hard work out of making great espresso.

How to use coffee pods: Video

Click on the video clip below to see how easy it is to make coffee with pods:

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What equipment do you need?

To extract espresso from a pod you will need either:

1. A coffee pod machine

Coffee pod equipment is specifically designed to handle pods, and usually has an integrated pod holder built into the machine. There is often a button or lever which opens and closes the pod holder.

Coffee pod in drawer-style holder

Most pod-specific machines have an integrated pod holder where you insert the pod.


2. A traditional espresso machine

These espresso systems have group handles and special filter baskets for coffee pods. The group handle is then inserted into a group head. So, if you already have one of these machines, you can still use it for pods.

Coffee pods, pouches, basket and group handles on coffee machine

For traditional espresso machines you need a special pod basket.

Read more about commercial and domestic equipment for coffee pods.

Coffee pod in holderStep 2: Insert pod in holder

3 Easy steps to great espresso

Espresso pod machines or traditional coffee machines come with varying degrees of automation but the procedure for making the coffee is usually similar:

  1. Chose your favourite espresso pod and remove the pod from the sealed pouch.
  2. Insert the pod into the group handle or (pod holder if using a pod machine).
  3. Press the button or open the valve to extract for the desired time.
J.L. Lennard