Pod Pack Australia - Home of the ESE Original Paper Pod

About Us

Pod Pack offers coffee roasters in Australia and New Zealand a contract manufacturing service for their coffee pods.

Australia’s first coffee pod contract packer

The company formed in 2005 to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated espresso drinkers in Australia and New Zealand for a consistently excellent cup of coffee in terms of taste, appearance and aroma.

Advanced coffee technology meets industry experience
From its facility near Sydney in NSW, Pod Pack Australia offers the latest pod making technology in all aspects of coffee pod production and packaging. Pod Pack staff have more than 40 years industry experience in roasting and packing coffee.

Our pods are produced with state-of-the-art Italian pod manufacturing equipment and quality controlled throughout the process. This ensures that coffee roasters supply their customer bases with the highest quality pods which will protect their brand as they move to offering their customers this alternative method for extracting espresso.

Pod Pack is a JL Lennard company

Supporting the food and beverage industry in Australia and New Zealand

Pod Pack is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JL Lennard Pty Ltd, a leading supplier of packaging systems and food equipment in Australia and New Zealand, specialising in the food and beverage industry.

Bringing innovation to the coffee sector

JL Lennard is not new to the coffee sector. Their Food Equipment Division has been supplying commercial coffee machines in Australia for many years. The establishment of Pod Pack shows JL Lennard’s dedication to the coffee sector and their commitment to bringing the latest advances to coffee consumers in Australia and New Zealand.