Coffee Roasters

Contract manufacturing and packing of coffee pods

Pod Pack will work with you to manufacture and package your coffee into pods with your branding.

Why should roasters offer coffee in pods?

Every café, restaurant or takeaway shop has its own clientele with their own pattern of coffee consumption. Pods allow roasters to offer the broadest possible range of coffee products to suit the different profiles of coffee retailers and coffee drinkers.

Ultimately, coffee pods can expand roasters' cross-selling opportunities and improve revenue.

How do retailers and consumers benefit?

  • Faster coffee with less mess as they don’t have to measure ground coffee.
  • Pod machines are easier to use than professional espresso machines, so no expensive barista training for staff.
  • Cafés and restaurants can serve fresher, better quality decaf coffee.
  • Bars can offer quality coffee alongside beer as a higher profit option.
  • Retailers can offer customers a wider selection of different coffee types more profitably. Unlike ground coffee in bags, sellers don't have to worry about stocks of coffee pods going stale as the shelf-life of pods is up to 2 years.

Why should coffee roasters outsource their coffee packing rather package pods in-house?

  • Contract packing of coffee means that roasters don’t have to buy expensive packaging equipment.
  • Lead time to introduce new coffee products to customers is much faster.
  • Roasters can concentrate on their core business activity of selecting their coffee beans and designing their coffee blends rather than worrying about operating and maintaining specialist packaging machinery.
  • Pod packing machines must be cleaned between every batch or blend. During this down-time the machine will not be returning a profit for the owner of the equipment.
  • The roaster does not have to employ an in-house technician to operate and maintain the pod packing machine.

Why trust Pod Pack to manufacture your coffee pods?

Pod Pack specialises in coffee pod manufacture and packing. We don’t do anything else. Our state-of-the-art production facilities, industry and product knowledge, convenient location and quality controlled production processes will protect your coffee and your brand to ensure that your customers continue to enjoy drinking your coffee.

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