Decaf ESE Paper PODS


At Pod Pack, we’re proud to offer ESE decaf coffee pods without sacrificing the taste and aroma of regular coffee. For many people, drinking coffee is a social activity enjoyed when meeting friends in cafes or after a meal in a restaurant. If you prefer to avoid caffeine for any reason, having the option of drinking quality decaf means there is no need to alter your usual pattern of consumption.

Who Drinks Decaffeinated Coffee?

Espresso decaf coffee is predominantly consumed by:

  • Pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers.
  • People suffering from medical conditions aggravated by caffeine, such as heart conditions, anxiety and insomnia.
  • People who like the coffee taste but simply prefer not to consume caffeine.

Decaf Coffee Pods - Ideal for Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

Our decaf ESE pods work by extracting 2 shots of decaffeinated coffee from a 14g pod, providing an ideal solution for cafes, restaurants and bars.

Providing fresh decaf espresso ground coffee is normally a real headache for cafes and bars, because:

  • Decaffeinated coffee is consumed in smaller quantities than regular coffee - This creates a wastage problem, as a batch of decaf espresso ground coffee or beans can go stale if not enough customers ask for it before it is used up. So they either have to throw it away or risk serving coffee made with stale beans or grindings. This wastage cost results in lower profits for decaffeinated products, which can really add up over time.
  • Decaf coffee must be handled separately - Espresso decaf coffee must be handled separately so that the caffeine in the regular shot does not contaminate the decaf. Therefore, businesses need separate grinders, group handles and baskets, etc. Not only is this expensive, but the extra equipment takes up valuable bench space, and creates even more spillage of grindings etc.

Pods Provide a Fresher Solution for Decaf Espresso – Guaranteed!

Single-portion decaf ESE pods provide a fresher choice for decaf consumers whilst preserving the ‘real’ coffee taste experience. You will never need to keep stocks of separate decaf coffee beans or ground decaf coffee again. All you need is a group handle or filter basket for your existing machine that will take decaf coffee pods.

In addition, you get all the usual benefits of using pods for espresso coffee:

  • Pods produce consistently great decaf espresso every time
  • No more separate grinders
  • Pods have excellent shelf-life of up to 2 years.
  • Available in affordable dispenser boxes of 50 single serve pods
  • Pod are easy to use
  • Less mess and less cleaning

Click on the video clip below to see how simple it is to make excellent decaf espresso with pods:

The decaf coffee pods in this video clip contain decaf coffee ground from coffee beans which have been decaffeinated using a SWISS WATER® process. Notice it gives the same quality crema as standard coffee.

The Highest Quality Coffee in Your Decaf ESE Pods

We always start with good quality coffee beans, as we believe it’s equally important that decaf coffee is produced with the same high-quality coffee beans as standard coffee. No amount of decaffeination using even the most advanced methods will improve the taste of a mediocre coffee bean.


Pod Pack is proud to announce availability in Australia of ESE decaf coffee pods produced using the SWISS WATER® process. This is a chemical-free method of decaffeinating coffee beans.

Espresso lovers will struggle to notice the difference in aroma and flavour between their favourite brand's SWISS WATER® decaffeinated coffee beans and their regular coffee beans. Learn more about SWISS WATER® process decaffeination.

For more information on our decaf coffee pods, call Pod Pack today on (02) 9737 8188.

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