ESE Paper POD Coffee Machines


An ESE pod coffee machine is much easier to use compared to traditional espresso machines. Fortunately, the specialists at Pod Pack can provide a range of quality espresso pod machine solutions for you to choose from. If you want a simpler and faster alternative to traditional commercial and domestic coffee machines, our ESE pod machine is an excellent choice.


With our coffee pod machines, excellent coffee is now more accessible to a broader range of consumers than ever before. Click on the video clip below to see how easy it is to use our coffee pods and ESE pod coffee machine. This clip shows an espresso machine specifically designed for pods:

Rosetta by Expobar – Espresso Machines for Pods from J.L.Lennard

The Rosetta by Expobar commercial group espresso machine is a commercial grade ESE pod espresso machine which is ESE paper pod compatible. The Rosetta features an automatic steam wand and is available in a tank or plumbed version for the ultimate tool in easy serving espresso coffee. Pod Pack's parent company, J.L.Lennard, is proud to be a dealer for Rosetta commercial espresso coffee machines.

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