Manufacturing Coffee Pods

Coffee pods with your blends and your branding

Pod Pack Australia offers coffee roasters in Australia and New Zealand a state-of-the-art coffee packaging service for the manufacture of coffee pods, using your coffee.

State-of-the-art coffee pod production facility

Our production facility, in Silverwater near Sydney, houses pod production equipment from the Italian Rossi Group who are world leaders in commercial and industrial scale espresso production equipment.

Pods are produced and packaged in a temperature and humidity controlled environment to preserve the characteristics of the coffee beans whilst they are being ground and packaged.

Vast coffee industry experience

Pod packaging is a technically advanced process which requires specialized knowledge, both about the coffee pod manufacturing equipment and the properties of the coffee in its raw, roasted and ground forms. Pod Pack benefits from over 40 years of staff experience in the coffee industry.

Your coffee beans, your branding

Pod Pack can print your coffee branding on a selection of pack colours

Coffee roasters usually supply Pod Pack with their own roasted coffee beans ready for grinding. Using your own beans means the only thing that goes into each pod is your specially sourced beans and crafted blends. This ensures that pod users are still drinking your coffee and you maintain the respect you have built for your brand.

Maintaining your freshly roasted flavours

We recommend that roasters only supply the right amount of freshly roasted coffee beans, right before they are due to be packaged in the pods, for 2 reasons:

  1. Coffee beans start to lose flavour and aroma once roasted and it is essential to capture all those freshly roasted flavours in the pod as soon as possible.
  2. We use up all the beans for each batch. As we never have stocks of old beans from previous batches, there is no wastage.

Your branding

The foil pouches which contain each pod can be custom printed with your company's branding, if required.

The coffee pod production process

Click on the video clip below to watch coffee pods going through the production process:

Pod production involves 4 distinct stages:

  1. Grinding
    Your coffee will be ground using a state-of-the-art-grinder which is enclosed.
  2. Dosing and tamping
    Within a couple of seconds your freshly ground coffee is dosed into moulds of 7g, 10g or 14g servings and tamped.
  3. Enclosing in pods
    The tamped and moulded tablet of coffee is then placed between 2 sheets of roll-fed filter paper. The paper is shaped around the coffee, the edges fused, and the final pod shape is cut out. These are now the pods which your customers will use.
  4. Pouching & nitrogen flushing
    Each individual pod is then placed between 2 sheets of aluminium foil and sealed along 3 sides. The pod is flushed with nitrogen to extract all the oxygen to preserve the freshness of the ground coffee. It is then quickly sealed along the 4th side. The pod is now completely protected inside its own foil 'time capsule' until it is opened.