Pods for Cafes

Coffee pods for commercial use in cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels and even takeaway shops and convenience stores

Pod systems suit low volume products like decaf

For busy coffee sellers who offer various coffee types, a pod system can be a profit making solution.

Extracting decaffeinated espresso from coffee pods

Expand your product range

Offering a wide choice of ground coffees can mean you sell lower volumes for each individual product type. For the usual types of espresso machine systems it may not be profitable to keep stocks of coffee beans for all the options you would like to offer, for example:

  • Decaffeinated coffee
  • Special house blends
  • Coffees of different origins

By stocking individually dosed coffee pods for these products, your business can extend the range of coffee varieties you can offer your customer.

Longer shelf-life and less wastage for decaf

Decaf usage is typically lower than regular coffee, so there is a higher risk of being left with unused ground coffee which has to be thrown away. Coffee wastage equates to lost profit for coffee sellers.

Decaf pods have a shelf-life of up to 2 years. As you only use as many pods as you have decaf customers, there really is no wastage. When a customer asks for decaf all you have to do is reach for a pod.

Use pods on existing espresso machines

Your business doesn't have to make any extra investment in equipment to start using coffee pods. The pods were designed to be compatible with the commercial espresso systems already on the market. All you will need is a separate 'pod' basket.

Cafés and food service businesses producing high volumes of coffee have commercial espresso machines with multiple groups, so they can even dedicate a specific group to decaffeinated pods.

Different sizes of coffee pods

Most commercial coffee shops use 10g coffee pods as standard single shots or 14g pods for double shots or larger singles shots in medium or large cups.

It's not just coffee shops which benefit ...

Espresso in bars, pubs and restaurants

More people are choosing non-alcoholic drinks when they go out. Most pubs and bars now also serve food and an ever-increasing coffee drinking public is asking for good quality coffee after their meal.

It is costly to employee a barista, so the pod system is perfect as bar staff don’t need any extra training. They can’t go wrong with a pre-dosed coffee pod and a machine where you only have to push a button. Bad coffee in pubs is fast becoming a thing of the past.

With a pod machine on the bar will also allow you to increase profits from quiet periods which normally have low bar takings.

Enhanced facilities in hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses

  • Offer premium coffee facilities in rooms or in self-service guest areas.
  • A coffee pod system at a self-service breakfast buffet gives diners good quality coffee without dedicating a member of staff to serve it.
  • Pods allow delegates at small conferences, workshops, seminars or business meetings to help themselves to excellent coffee.

Self-service espresso for convenience stores

  • Sell tokens for a self-service coffee pod vending machine.
  • Staff do not need training and don't even have to operate the pod machine.

Extra profit for takeaway shops

  • Fast food outlets like pizza shops, fish and chip shops can easily offer coffee alongside their usual drinks bringing extra revenue during quiet times.
  • No staff training required as pod machines are so easy to use.

Caterers can produce espresso on the spot

Some coffee pod machines are so portable that caterers can bring one in the back of their van along with their other kit. Set up at the venue is easy – just plug it in and serve.