Pods for Offices

Pods are the perfect way to provide quality espresso in corporate settings such as offices, retail businesses, customer service areas, meeting rooms and even conferences

Does any of this sound familiar where you work?

  • Fed up with the ground or instant coffee spilt all over the kitchen countertop?
  • Would staff appreciate a decent cup of espresso in the office?
  • Do staff spend ages having to leave the office to get a decent coffee?

If so, then coffee pod systems are the answer in your workplace.

On-the-spot espresso

Having a pod machine in the office means less time wasted because employees avoid standing in long queues at coffee shops. Would it save everybody time to be able to get quality coffee from the kitchen instead?

Espresso is easy with pods

Most coffee pod systems used in offices are so straightforward to use that it is almost impossible to produce a bad coffee. All you have to do is insert a pod with its pre-measured dose of ground coffee and then press a button or close a lever to produce consistently excellent espresso – every time.

Coffee pod equipment with different levels of automation.

The machine you chose depends on the functions you wish the machine to have and the budget you have to spend. Highly automated pod systems are great for high volume situations where you have a large staff or if you want to cater for a conference audience.


Some coffee roasters offer package deals

Most roasters are happy to deliver bulk supplies direct to your office. Many roasters now even make it easier to switch to pods by including coffee pod equipment along with the pods as part of a package deal. Ask your local roasters to find out what they offer.


No more mess in the kitchen

Are staff fed up wiping up a trail of coffee grindings or rings of half dissolved instant coffee off the work tops? If you prefer that staff spend time talking to customers rather than cleaning the kitchen, a coffee pod system is the answer. All the coffee is sealed inside the pod so there are no coffee grindings to spill when you insert the pod into the machine.

Pod machines mean less cleaning and maintenance

Espresso machines which use pods don’t generally require any cleaning other than periodically emptying the drip tray.

Freshly ground coffee without a coffee grinder

For freshly ground coffee, pods only need a single coffee machine, with no need to spend money on a noisy, messy grinder. You also save on bench space by having only a single machine.

Great quality espresso as an office perk

Perks for staff

The kitchen is often the social hub of the office. Employees who sit behind desks all day look forward to a coffee break. Fresh, aromatic espresso is a great perk which shows staff that their time is appreciated.

Added value for customers

Customers love great coffee too. Customers will always appreciate being offered a perfectly made espresso, latté or cappuccino rather than just instant coffee. Whether you are a lawyer, a hairdresser or car mechanic, offering complementary extras like excellent coffee can be one way to re-enforce the quality of the product or service you are selling and shows your attention to customer care.

Catering for all coffee preferences

Lattes and cappuccinos

Research shows that 95% of Australians prefer their coffee made with milk. Many coffee pod machine models have integrated steam functions for heating milk or frothing lattés or cappuccinos.

Offer different coffee options

Just like standard coffee beans or ground coffee, coffee pods are available in decaf, organic or fair trade versions, or in single origin or blended varieties. Many coffee roasters now include pods in their product range so they are freely available.

It needn't cost more to offer staff and customers a choice of coffee. The shelf-life of pods is up to 2 years so there is plenty of time to use them up. That way you can cater for pregnant women who prefer decaf or even offer a choice of milder or stronger blends.